Compliance with Site Operations:

Compliance with Site Operations:

Every person involved in building or demolition activities is required to adhere to the authorities’ directives concerning site operations.

Validity of Approved Plan:

The approved building plan remains valid for a period of five (5) years from the date of its approval.

Building Safety and Stability:

Construction work must utilize high-quality building materials and ensure proper assembly to guarantee the safety and stability of the building.

Verification of Plot/Building Lines:

Before commencing construction, individuals must notify the authorities through an architect. Construction may proceed after submitting the provisional certificate to the Building Control Section of the Authority. The Authority will verify the building lines within 15 days. Any discrepancies identified will require necessary corrections in the construction process, facilitating the early rectification of any errors in the layout.

Bearing Capacity Test:

For buildings exceeding three stories, reports on bearing capacity tests must be included as part of the structural design.

Termite Proofing:

In areas where termite presence is confirmed, property owners and allottees must ensure termite-proofing or treatment before or during construction. Documentation of this termite-proofing process should be provided along with the completion documents and must be supervised by an architect.

Inspection of Buildings:

The Authority reserves the right to inspect building works at various stages, including before application approval, during construction, and after the completion of the building, addition, or alteration.

Mandatory Architect Inspections during Construction:

Licensed architects are required to conduct inspections at specific stages of construction. The results of these inspections must be submitted to the Authority’s Office of Works within seven days of inspection. These stages include ground demarcation, foundation, roof level of basements (if applicable), ground floor at DPC level, roof height of subsequent floors, water tank, stair tower

Non-Compliance with Approved Plans:

If, during an inspection, the Authority finds that construction works do not align with approved plans or contravene regulations, they may issue a written notice. This notice will require the necessary alterations to bring the work into conformity with the plans and regulations or the approval of amended plans. Failure to comply may result in the cessation of work or demolition of non-compliant portions at the owner’s cost.

Notice of Completion:

Upon completing construction work approved under these regulations, individuals must submit a written notice of completion on Form B-1 to the Authority’s Office of Works within one month of completion. This notice should include a certificate on Form B-2 signed by the Licensed Architect responsible for supervising the construction.

Completion Certificate/Permission to Occupy:

The Authority will inspect the completed work after receiving the notice of completion. They will then either approve or disapprove the building for occupancy. No one is allowed to occupy the building until they obtain a completion certificate/permission to occupy.


After finishing construction, property owners must apply for sewer connection using the prescribed form and remit the required charges.

Oversight in Scrutiny of Drawings:

Any oversight during the approval or completion of building plans does not exempt the plot owner or allottee from adhering to these regulations.

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